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Original Hickory Smoked Steak Strips


A piece of delicious tender steak that is bursting with flavor.


A piece of delicious tender steak that is bursting with flavor.

Do you savor the full flavor and chewy texture of classic beef jerky? When you’re looking for protein-packed satisfaction on the go, nothing makes a better snack than high-quality jerky — and you’ve never tasted a meat snack as delicious as ours. Honoring Old West traditions by bringing you jerky that matches the quality of the meat Pony Express riders carried across the country for sustenance, we aim to transport your taste buds back in time and offer you something new with our unique flavor inspirations.

Smoky and sweet, our Original Hickory Smoked Jerky Steak Strips offer a flavorful twist on our original beef jerky with incredible quality, texture and taste you can chew on. We use only the highest caliber of ingredients for our whole-muscle Original Hickory Smoked Jerky Steak Strips — because we aim to stand the test of time and sustain Old West-style quality with every meat snack.

Whether you’re a meat-lover, a shop owner looking to sell our savory jerky in your store, or a hunter or hiker who needs a reliable supply of on-the-go snacks, we offer bulk Original Hickory Smoked Jerky Steak Strip sales to suit you. With our reasonable prices and delectable flavors, you’ll love every jerky variety you buy from us.

The Best Original Hickory Smoked Jerky Steak Strips for Sale

Juicy, chewy and mouthwateringly meaty, our Original Hickory Smoked Jerky Steak Strips are unlike any jerky you grew up with. To provide you with premium quality and unbeatable flavor in every bite and every piece of our meat snacks, we use nothing but the best in whole-muscle, USA-certified beef from American sources — so you can count on quality and content when you choose you snacks from Pony Express. Take a taste of the Wild West when you purchase our wholesale Original Hickory Smoked Jerky Steak Strips today.



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