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    Original Smokey Snack Sticks

    Smokey with a savory spice blend that creates the perfect medley of flavors with a satisfying bite.

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Beef Jerky Sticks

If you could take a time machine back to the Old West, you’d discover a time where grit and hard work paid off. It was the era when brave young riders traversed the plains and mountains to deliver mail for the budding Pony Express. Though these heroes of the pioneering world took little with them on their journeys, they brought along the staples to keep them going, including beef jerky.

As a nod to their tenacity and ruggedness, we bring you our authentic version of dried, smoked meat sticks. Each Pony Express Foods beef jerky stick bursts with robust flavor and a hearty, authentic texture. Order meat sticks today and never be without this protein-rich snack that energizes and satisfies.

Fantastic Flavors of Beef Jerky Sticks

Not sure which of our meat sticks to try first? We agree: We’ve made your choice doggone tough with several intense flavors that you’ll enjoy from the first bite until all that’s left is the packaging.

  • Monster Beef: When you picture genuine beef jerky straight from the Wild West, you’ll undoubtedly envision our Monster beef stick. Each monster stick is jam-packed with mildly seasoned meat. It’s a treat that you’ll enjoy whether you’re sitting around the campfire, hiking the Appalachian trail or jawing with your buddies in the backyard.
  • Original Beef: Looking for more of a smoky essence in your beef jerky stick? Original Beef has your back. We’ve added hints of smoke to the dried meat flavor. It’s an incredible combination that you’ll want to eat again and again.
  • Honey Ham: Imagine taking the sweet savoriness of the richest, sweetest ham you’ve ever had and turning it into a jerky stick. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you order our Honey Ham meat stick. If you’ve never tried a ham-based jerky snack, trust Pony Express Foods for your inaugural bite.

Why Pony Express Foods Meat Sticks Stand Out

In the world of meat sticks, most options are forgettable. But when it comes to meat from Pony Express Foods, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We meticulously source only USA-certified beef and meat for all our jerky sticks. No foreign protein makes its way into our manufacturing processes. 

In addition to getting all our meat from suppliers in the U.S., we craft jerky products from the whole muscle. Choosing whole-muscle meat allows us to give you a phenomenal product that you’ll feel good about eating. Be sure to buy enough jerky sticks in a variety of flavors for your whole family. You may want to keep extra in your car, your gym bag, or at the office for fast, nutrient-packed fuel.

Become a Distributor of Meat Sticks and Other Items

Like what you’re reading about Pony Express Foods’ jerky and meat sticks? Send us a message to see if we can partner together. We’re always open to teaming up with stores to distribute our brand of quality merchandise. 

Give your patrons a better choice by lining your shelves or register countertop with Pony Express Foods packages and tins. Our goods add some made-in-America flavor to your offerings and help drive more traffic to your shop. We look forward to hearing from you!

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