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    Beef Jerky Gold Rush

    Makes a great gift or party favor! Including a taste of our best products. Includes: 2 –...

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    Original Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Chew

    Our original beef jerky will transport you back in time. A tradition started in the Wild West...

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    Black Peppered Beef Jerky Chew

    A truly bold Flavor. Our Black Pepper beef jerky will leave you wishing for more.

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    Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky Chew

    Aromatic, rich, and robust a flavor that only a true traditional Apple Wood smoke can impart to....

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Beef Jerky Chew

When you envision the Pony Express, you probably picture rugged mail carriers bravely traversing the mountains and plains. Those riders taxed themselves to the limit, all to send information quickly to and from the West Coast. To fuel each trip, a Pony Express carrier needed a supply of satisfying food. Is it any wonder that beef jerky was regularly on the menu?

You might not have to ride a horse at lightning speed for hours, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some all-natural, great-tasting beef jerky chew. Our Pony Express Foods beef jerky makes a delicious, practical snack that goes anywhere. Whether you’re hiking the trails or hoisting the sails, take along a package of our hearty, long-lasting beef jerky chew.

Beef Jerky Flavors We Offer

The Pony Express riders from the Old West may have had beef jerky, but they didn’t have your opportunity to taste-test a variety of mouthwatering flavors. Check out our classic, authentic beef jerky chew options.

  • Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky Chew: When smokiness meets sweetness, you wind up with a beef jerky chew that’s second to none. Enjoy the duality of savory, rich flavor profiles in our Applewood Smoked beef jerky.
  • Black Pepper Beef Jerky Chew: Want a bite that bites you back? We’ve added just the right amount of black pepper into this beef jerky, offering a spicy kick that delivers satisfaction.
  • Original Hickory Beef Jerky Chew: If you’re looking for smooth, smoky flavor, you’ll find it here. Sample our Original Hickory beef jerky chew and you’ll feel like you’re back in the good old days. Want a memorable gift for yourself or someone special? Buy some Original Hickory beef jerky chew in a reusable Gold Rush pouch.

What Makes Pony Express Beef Jerky Chew Unique?

The Pony Express itself was a special operation that captivated the hearts and minds of a nation. Our Pony Express Foods beef jerky chew is just as unique, especially for the beef jerky industry.

What makes Pony Express jerky a treat you’ll appreciate from the moment you dig in? First, we only use USA-certified beef for our jerky. Why go outside the nation when we have top-quality cattle available to us right here in the United States?

Secondly, our Pony Express Foods beef jerky chew comes from whole-muscle pieces. Unlike other manufacturers of jerky, we never grind the meat. Instead, we cut our pieces from whole muscles. Pony Express Foods beef jerky isn’t uniform in shape, but it’s definitely uniform in its hardiness and texture.

Why buy second-best when you can have first-rate beef jerky made from American beef? Wrangle yourself some Pony Express beef jerky chew today.

Want to Be a Pony Express Distributor?

Though you can’t join the Pony Express anymore, you can absolutely become a Pony Express Foods beef jerky distributor. We’re actively seeking retailers who want to partner with our team to bring the most exceptional jerky products to their customer bases.

Talk to us today about including Pony Express Foods protein-rich, irresistible snacks to your lineup at the cash register or on store shelves.

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