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Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky


Aromatic, rich, and robust flavor that only a true traditional Applewood smoke can impart to. Everything that you want a beef jerky to embody brought to you by Pony Express Meat Snacks.

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Slightly sweet and slightly smoky — the flavor of Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky is like nothing else, and it’s a flavor you will keep craving after your first taste. When you enjoy a piece of our beef jerky you can appreciate the sweet and aromatic smoky flavor that keep you going back for more.  Try a bag, or two, of our award-winning applewood smoked beef jerky!

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% whole-muscle
  • No artificially compressed meat
  • USDA-approved
  • Expedited shipping options available

Our high-quality jerky gets its flavor from a distinct blend of spices that complement the full-bodied taste of the meat. We use whole-muscle meat to make all our jerky, which sets us apart from the competition. Other jerky makers rely on compressed meat from multiple sources, including foreign beef. We only source from USDA-certified suppliers.

Nutritional Facts

For nutritional facts please check out our nutrition page.

Shipping Policy

We process most orders within two to three business days, and we will contact you if an order has been significantly delayed. Keep in mind that we do not ship on weekends or holidays. Pony Express uses USPS and UPS for shipping.

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We are committed to selling only the best products made from the finest ingredients. Submit the form on our Distributors page, and we will be in touch shortly. We look forward to partnering with you and bringing delicious Pony Express beef jerky to your shelves!

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