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    Sweet Heat Steak Strips

    A smoking piece of tender steak

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    Original Hickory Smoked Steak Strips

    A piece of delicious tender steak that is bursting with flavor.

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    Smokin Lava Steak Strips

    A smoking piece of tender steak

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    Black Pepper Steak Strip

    A piece of our delicious tender Black Pepper Steak

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    Applewood Steak Strips

    A piece of delicious tender Applewood steak that is bursting with flavor.

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Beef Jerky Steak Strips

In the Old West, Pony Express riders were as tough as mail carriers could get. They carried a few hearty foods to keep themselves running strong during each leg of the journey, with beef jerky being one of the staples.

As a nod to pioneers like those young men, our Pony Express Foods beef jerky steak strips offer authentic tastes and high-quality texture. These are jerky snacks meant for people who appreciate genuine, quality beef and want their jerky bursting with flavor.

Pony Express Foods Jerky Flavors

We admit it: Our beef jerky would hold up without any spices. But since an excellent snacking experience is all about variety, we wanted to bring you a selection of palate-pleasing options. 

Try all our wholesome jerky steak strip choices:

  • Original Hickory: When you’re after a smoky, grilled flavor that reminds you of campfires and outdoor cooking, tear off a piece of our Original Hickory beef jerky steak strip. The hickory aftertaste leaves a pleasant memory of the most mouthwatering jerky available on the market.
  • Applewood: Smoke meets sweetness in our Applewood jerky. With just a hint of fresh apple, this flavor might well be the dessert of our jerky line-up. Who needs apple pie when you have Applewood jerky steak strips?
  • Black Pepper: Do you lean toward spicier beef jerky? You’ll fall head over heels for our Black Pepper variety. It’s just punchy enough to remind you that black pepper might be standard, but it isn’t taking a back seat anytime soon. Black Pepper steak strips mean snacking business.
  • Smokin’ Lava: For a scorching hot jerky treat, grab hold of our Smokin’ Lava strips. From the moment you open the package, you’ll sense that your taste buds are about to go for a ride. Not for the weak palate!
  • Sweet Heat: Need a bit of soothing in addition to heat? Meet Sweet Heat, the jerky that tempers fire with slightly sugary overtones. Beware: This treasure will go fast, so order enough for your whole family.

Why Are Pony Express Foods Beef Jerky Steak Strips Special?

Are you a jerky enthusiast? You’ve probably seen beef jerky steak strips before, but we’ll bet you’ve never tasted anything like ours. 

At Pony Express Foods, our steak strips are crafted from nothing more than USA-certified beef. We take strips from the whole muscle and never grind our meats. This process gives you a full-blown jerky texture that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you’re into adding delicious protein to your diet, you can trust that our jerky steak strips will always leave you smiling. Order today to stock up your pantry and grab a few extra packages for last-minute gifting.

Become a Beef Jerky Distributor With Pony Express Foods

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Contact us today to discuss ordering everything from packages of beef jerky steak strips to bulk jerky for your patrons. We’d love to have you on board for the ride.

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