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Our Beef Jerky

What kind of meat snacks do you crave today? Whether you want something sweet, smoky or spicy, our USA-made beef jerky can satisfy your snacking needs. We sell a wide variety of types of bulk beef jerky, and we offer it in a number of different forms, including jerky sticks and old-fashioned-style beef jerky.We know our customers appreciate the high quality of our foods, and we sell only the most premium of products. Discover the many types of beef jerky snacks available from Pony Express.

Beef Jerky

From hickory-flavored to honey-tinged, our jerky flavors run the gamut for your taste buds. They come in the traditional style of American beef jerky. Check out the different kinds we have available:
  • Original Hickory Beef Jerky: This is the taste that started it all. Classic and smooth.
  • Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky: A hint of sweetness sets this traditional beef jerky apart.
  • Black Pepper Beef Jerky: Your mouth will twist from the bite of the pepper in this jerky, perfect for spice aficionados.
  • Hickory Smoked Teriyaki Beef Jerky: Teriyaki flavors reflect the bit of soy sauce and the sweetness of sugar. Add that to a hickory base, and this jerky can't be beaten.
  • Smokin Lava Beef Jerky: Some like it hot, and some like it really, really, really hot. That's what you'll find in our tongue-scorching Smokin Lava flavor.
  • Sweet Heat Beef Jerky: Do you like some sweetness to balance your heat? If so, this jerky will be perfect for you. Do you like some sweetness to balance your heat? If so, this jerky will be perfect for you.
  • Smokey BBQ Flavor Beef Jerky: This jerky tastes like it's fresh off the grill, combining the best tastes of the summer with a little extra flavoring.
  • Old Western Beer Jerky: The rich taste of hops makes everything taste better, including our jerky.

Beef Jerky Steak Strips

Steak has never tasted so good as in our steak strips, pieces of real steak flavored to make the taste of the meat really stand out. You can buy a range of different flavors of this delicious snack. Each one is high in protein and will keep you satisfied for hours:
  • Applewood Steak Strips: A fruity undertone makes this steak strip a must-sample for fans of smoky flavoring.
  • Black Pepper Steak Strip: Spice up snack time with a steak strip that has a distinctive bite.
  • Smokin Lava Steak Strips: Do you love hot foods? If so, our Smokin Lava Steak Strips, with their tongue-burning spices, are for you.
  • Original Hickory Smoked Steak Strips: You can't go wrong with a classic. Our hickory steak strips have a fun flavor all their own.
  • Sweet Heat Steak Strips: Those who like a little sweetness to their jerky will love this hot-and-sweet combo.

Beef Jerky Sticks

Jerky sticks make the perfect on-the-go treat. You can place them in a purse or briefcase and pull them out when you need a quick snack. Eat them in the afternoon for a great pick-me-up to guard against that post-lunch lull. We have a unique selection of beef jerky stick flavors:
  • Spicy Pickled Sausage Beef Jerky: Pucker up those lips for a fun flavor that combines spicy and briny tastes.
  • Honey Ham Beef Jerky Stick: Enjoy the sweetness of honey ham in jerky form.
  • Monster Beef Steak Stick: Do you want monster flavor from your steak? This is your best bet.
  • Original Beef Jerky Stick: Our classic flavor with a classic presentation.
  • Beef Jerky Chew: Do you want a jerky that's a little thinner than traditional? Our chew offers long-lasting taste you'll talk about for days to come.
  • Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky Chew: This delicious option is flavored with our classic applewood smoke.
  • Black Peppered Beef Jerky Chew: Enjoy the pungent, sharp taste of jerky chew with black pepper.
  • Hickory Smoked Teriyaki Beef Jerky Chew: Hickory smoke gives our teriyaki chew new dimension.
  • Original Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Chew: This one is for jerky lovers who prefer to stick to a classic flavor.
  • Smoked BBQ Flavor Beef Jerky Chew: Ideal for those who love to grill out, this option encompasses the taste of summer.

Whole-Muscle Jerky

What sets Pony Express jerky apart from our competition? We make whole-muscle jerky. This type of jerky has fewer fillers and more robust taste than jerky produced by other companies, which uses different parts of meat all processed together.

What Is It?

Not sure what whole-muscle jerky is? It means we use hunks of meat to make our jerky instead of chopping and forming it into unnatural shapes. What you see in our jerky is what came directly from the animal. We don't try to smooth the imperfections. It's an authentic shape and an authentic taste.For whole-muscle jerky, we cut the strips of meat from the cow and dry them out to make the jerky. There's no grinding of the meat.

Why Whole-Muscle Jerky Is Better

Whole-muscle jerky is more satisfying than the processed, formed jerky many other places sell. You'll get the satisfying chewiness of real meat from it, which will work your jaw muscle. You'll also enjoy robust flavors. We use lean cuts of meat that dry well and taste fantastic.

Sell Pony Express Jerky

Are you a retailer looking to add new products to your lineup? Consider partnering with Pony Express. Our outstanding jerky makes an excellent addition to any retail location. You can put it in the front with the impulse buys or in the healthy snacks area. We even offer bulk whole-muscle beef jerky. You'll find your customers love the taste, texture and nutritional profile of our jerky, which will keep them coming back to your store.When you become a Pony Express distributor, you'll work with a company dedicated to doing business the right way. We value our distributors and work with you to address any concerns or questions you may have as we begin the collaboration process. We make our jerky from USA-certified beef, which will appeal to your customers as well. Contact us today to discuss becoming a distributor.

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