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    Original Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky

    Our original beef jerky will transport you back in time. A tradition started in the Wild West,...

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    Smokin Lava Beef Jerky

    A flavor for those that dare. The closest thing to fire is lava. Dare to take the...

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    Black Pepper Beef Jerky

    A truly bold Flavor. Our Black Pepper beef jerky will leave you wishing for more.

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    Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky

    Aromatic, rich, and robust flavor that only a true traditional Applewood smoke can impart to. Everything that...

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    Sweet Heat Beef Jerky

    A true American favorite with the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors that keep you going...

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    1.5 Liter Old Western Beef Jerky Jar

    The best way to keep your Pony Express Beef Jerky tasting fresh is to store them in...

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    Cajun Style Slab Jerky

    A truly "Classic Louisiana" proud recipe.

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    Beef Jerky Gold Rush

    Makes a great gift or party favor! Including a taste of our best products. Includes: 2 –...

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Beef Jerky

When the Pony Express riders crisscrossed thousands of miles, they kept the load light by carrying just a few carefully chosen provisions. One of their staples was beef jerky to nourish them during the speedy trip across plains and through mountain passes. 

In the spirit of those Wild West heroes, we have created what we believe to be the most mouthwatering, hearty beef jerky you can buy. Made in America, our jerky represents the purest dried beef you’ll find anywhere. Discover true snacking satisfaction and bite into Pony Express Foods beef jerky today.

Our Signature Beef Jerky Flavors

We’ve experimented with our beef jerky over the years, combining special seasonings to enhance your overall experience. You’ll appreciate our attention to detail when you dive into any of our tantalizing flavors.

  • Hickory Smoked: When you crave the smokiness of beef slowly smoked over an open fire filled with hickory chips, reach for a bag of our Hickory Smoked jerky. It’s sure to transport you to your favorite outdoor camping or grilling adventure.
  • Applewood: By mixing the heady scent of smoke with the brightness of apples, you get a beef jerky with a slightly sweet aftertaste. You’ll reach for seconds quickly after the first time you try this sensational jerky.
  • Black Pepper: Like a little earthy bite to your beef jerky? So do we. That’s why we created our Black Pepper jerky flavor. It’s just strong enough to offer a pleasant spiciness without overpowering the dried beef’s authentically great taste.
  • Smokin’ Lava: All you heat lovers can come ‘n get it with our Smokin’ Lava jerky. Hot enough to tempt your taste buds and linger on your palate, this jerky’s for snackers who fancy friendly fire.
  • Sweet Heat: Bold enough to grab your attention, yet sassy enough to let the meat shine through, our Sweet Heat jerky’s exactly what the doctor ordered when you want a milder kick. Beware, though: You might want to order two packages because this treat goes fast.

What Makes Pony Express Foods Beef Jerky Stand Out?

It won’t take you long to notice the difference between our naturally savory beef jerky and other jerky you’ve tried. Why does ours stand head and shoulders above the competition? First off, we only use USA-certified beef. No foreign-raised meat goes into our beef jerky.

Secondly, we make our beef jerky based on the whole muscle. Instead of grinding meat and then putting it back together, we cut strips from whole pieces of beef to provide you with a more satisfying, long-lasting jerky experience.

Discover Pony Express Foods brand beef jerky for yourself. Each of our flavors comes in a variety of sizes so you can perfectly suit your purchase to your snacking needs. You might keep a little extra on hand, though — this is the only jerky we think the Pony Express riders would have ridden farther to get, and people love to taste-test it!

Become a Pony Express Foods Jerky Distributor

Are you looking for a new product to tempt your customers? Partner with Pony Express Foods. Our beef jerky makes an irresistible shelf item or checkout register purchase. Whether you have a small or large shop, we’d love to talk with you about becoming a distributor. 

When buyers want a nutritious snack that leaves them fueled up, you can direct them to your bulk whole-muscle jerky or bags of Pony Express Foods jerky chew and other treats. Contact us now to learn more.

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