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Original Beef Jerky Snack Stick


Our original beef snack stick will transport you back in time. A tradition started in the Wild West, and our original beef jerky out-stands the test of time

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Smoke and sweet blended into a classic beef stick to create the perfect medley.

Perfect for an on-the-go energy kick, outdoor snack or flavor-packed protein boost, beef jerky is a much-loved classic dating back to the days of the Old West, when Pony Express riders relied on the meaty morsels for more than just snacking — for sustenance. Today, they remain a flavorful favorite, but do they maintain the hearty quality of Old-World jerky? At Pony Express, we make sure they do. Offering you a line of flavorful beef jerky sticks to savor, we’re dedicated to honoring Wild West-style quality in all our meat snacks.

Say hello to our original beef jerky stick, a sweet and smoky blend of high-quality meat packed with full flavor and chewy goodness in every piece. To bring you the taste and texture of classic Old West jerky, we use nothing but premium USA-certified ingredients in our whole-muscle original beef jerky sticks.

You’ll love our natural, nourishing snacks so much, you’ll want to stock up for your outdoor expeditions or sell them in your own store, so we offer bulk original beef jerky stick sales to make your buying experience easy and reasonably priced. The tremendous taste and affordable prices of our jerky sticks give you the best of both worlds.

The Best Original Beef Jerky Sticks for Sale

Every bite of our classic beef jerky offers you meaty, juicy, chewy meat with unmatched quality and flavor to keep you going. We want you to have the best, most authentic beef experience of your life — that’s why we only use whole-muscle meat sourced right here in America to bring you back in time to the quality of the Old West. Take a taste journey when you try our wholesale original beef jerky sticks. Order online today.