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Applewood Steak Strips


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Applewood Smoked Steak Strips are an award-winning product that brings the natural mildly sweet smoke flavor of applewood to the forefront and is paired with spice and sauce blends that make this tender piece of steak a masterpiece.

Do you love the full flavor and aromatic experience of classic beefy meat treats reimagined? If you savor the flavor of tangy, smoky applewood smoked bacon and enjoy the chewy, satisfying texture of hearty beef jerky, you’re in luck. Honoring the taste tradition of the Wild West, our original beef jerky stands the test of time and improves on a classic snack with new flavor inspirations.

Every piece of our Applewood Jerky Steak Strips is made to give you the best quality, flavor and texture possible. We use only the best USA-certified ingredients for our delicious whole-muscle Applewood Jerky Steak Strips because we believe in upholding the superior quality of the Old West.

For meat-lovers who want to keep a hearty supply of all-natural, nourishing snacks at a reasonable, reduced price, we offer bulk Applewood Jerky Steak Strip sales. Whether you own a small business and want to stock our mouthwatering jerky on your shelves or you need a hefty amount for hunting or hiking season, you’ll be delighted with both our top-quality jerky and our prices on every variety.

The Best Applewood Jerky Steak Strips for Sale

Our Applewood Jerky Steak Strips are everything you could ask for in a meat snack. Juicy, chewy and meaty, these strips have the smoky applewood taste and the satisfying quality of the best jerky meat. At Pony Express, we make it our business to give you the best taste and quality in every bite of our jerky and meat snacks — that’s why we always use whole-muscle meat sourced only from America. When you buy our wholesale Applewood Jerky Steak Strips, you can count on full flavor, incredible quality and an industry-leading, reliable source — plus, they’re the perfect snack for people on the go. Take a taste of the Old West when you purchase our whole-muscle Applewood Jerky Steak Strips today.