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Sweet Heat Beef Jerky


A true American favorite; a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. For those who can’t just pick one.

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A true American favorite — a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. For those who can’t just pick one.

When you choose our Sweet Heat Beef Jerky, you’ll truly get the best of both worlds. Taste the perfect intersection of heat and sweet, and satisfy just about any craving you may have. By picking Pony Express Foods, you can support a company doing business that carries on the traditions of the past while also looking forward to find the most innovative ways to deliver delicious jerky.

Back in the days of the Pony Express Riders, beef jerky was more than a snack. It provided nourishment for brave travelers as they went cross-country to complete their often-dangerous and vitally important work. They relied on jerky to sustain them during difficult treks and drew on its high protein content to stay energized while crossing difficult terrain.

Today, we pay tribute to the riders’ bravery with our snacks made here in the United States. Each one includes only the finest ingredients, resulting in a top-quality jerky made with whole muscle — not the compressed meat from all parts of the cow that constitute so many other jerky makers’ snacks.

Learn More About Our Bulk and Wholesale Sweet Heat Beef Jerky Options

Purchasing our products in bulk allows you to stock up your pantry and ensures you won’t run out of your favorite snack. You’ll also receive more favorable pricing when you buy more jerky. You can even get wholesale pricing if you plan to sell our jerky in a store, farmers market or other location. Contact us to learn more.

We strive to please our customers with our quality customer service and the unbeatable taste of our snacks. Choose Pony Express Meat Snacks for the best on-the-go snacking you can find!



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