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1.5 Liter Old Western Beef Jerky Jar


The best way to keep your Pony Express Beef Jerky tasting fresh is to store them in this old-fashioned 1.5-liter wire bale glass mason jar.

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A mason jar is a perfect way to store your beef jerky. This mason jar keeps your jerky fresh until it is gone! We recommend you to put our 30 count jerky into a mason jar this size for easy storage.

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Have you been searching for old-school-style beef jerky? If so, look no further than our Old Western Beef Jerky. This option is jerky in its traditional form — meaty, rich, indulgent and appetizing. You’ll have a hard time not digging in every time you pass your jerky jar when it’s filled with Old Western Beef Jerky. In fact, you may want to buy in bulk to ensure you always have enough on hand to fill your jar. Stock up your pantry and save. We offer discounts when you buy more from us, too.

You may also want to check out our wholesale options for Old Western Beef Jerky. Stock our outstanding snacks in your store or retail location, such as a farmers market, and see how your customers flock to it to enjoy its delicious taste and outstanding nutrition.

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We make our jerky using whole-muscle meat, which is different than the compressed meat from foreign beef employed by so many competitors. Our meat comes from U.S.A.-certified beef, so you can always feel confident in its nutritional value.

We chose the name Pony Express Foods to pay tribute to the Old West heritage of the past. We admire the Pony Express Riders who delivered mail across the country in a timely manner. They inspire us today to prepare the best snacks, reflecting our national heritage and desire to do things the right way. Contact us to learn more or place your order for our Old Western Beef Jerky.