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Distributors wanted throughout the United States! Become part of a winning team! Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, we would love to chat with you about our distributor program. Pony Express Foods strives to be “Simply The Best”.

How do we do that? By offering exceptional wholesale beef jerky and other meat snacks your customers will want to dig into. We’re committed to the highest standards of food production. We use the finest ingredients in our foods, including high-quality spices to give our jerky that kick your customers crave. They won’t stop talking about, or requesting, our meat snacks once they’ve tasted them. Get your customers hooked on our wholesale bulk beef jerky, and you’ll reap the benefits of their excitement.

Joining our beef jerky distributor network for retail couldn’t be easier. If you would like to become a Pony Express Foods distributor, please take a moment to complete the form to the right and our Sales Manager will contact you as soon as possible. We graciously value your interest and efforts toward promoting our Meat Snacks!

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    Why Pony Express?

    "Be a part of a dynamic growing organization"

    Discounted Prices

    Great Variety in Flavors
    Beef, pork, chicken, and turkey options

    Speed Pay Program

    Broad Offerings

    Repeat Customers
    Thanks to our Time Tested Product Line

    Personal Account Representative
    Can help generate leads.

    In-House Coaching
    With our product line

    Marketing Materials Available

    Create your own business or enhance your existing product line today with Pony Express!

    Call us, email us, or fill out the form above to get started!

    Become Part of A Winning Team

    Whether you are looking to start your own business, or enhance your existing product line, Pony Express is the smartest choice. The quality of our goods and services is something that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. The demand for jerky is consistently high as a household favorite, making it a product that is commonly mass produced — but we do things differently here at Pony Express. We focus on creating products that will surpass expectations, while providing customer service that will keep our customers happy and loyal. Our time tested product line and speed pay option makes us not only efficient, but reliable — our clients are always our top priority. Take advantage of our wholesale options and become a part of our lucrative business opportunity today!

    What makes our jerky better than the other guys? It’s simple: we offer grass-fed, never processed, high-quality meat that represents exactly what jerky is supposed to be. We have a variety of jerky flavor options available including, but not limited to, beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. The quality of meat and spices we pick and use is what makes our jerky stand out against our competitors.

    We understand that you might be new to the industry and we want to make your adjustment to becoming part of a dynamic, growing organization as smooth of a transition as possible. Therefore, you will be assigned a personal account representative that will assist you in generating leads. We also offer in house coaching on our product line that will outline all the information you will need to be a confident and proud partner of our company. We will also provide you with marketing materials to aid you in making this business venture successful.

    Here are some other questions we can answer for you:

    • Why should you consider partnering with us? We believe innovation should be at the center of everything we do. That means staying committed to our values, such as providing the best products with the best service behind them while finding new and more efficient ways to do things when we can. We constantly push for new ideas, and we listen to our network of beef jerky wholesale distributors to see what we can do better.
    • Are we a company that listens? We invest in our distributors by hearing their suggestions and concerns, and we'll view you as a partner in the truest sense. We can't continue without your help, and you'll see your value reflected in all our interactions.
    • Can we help you improve your standards? Whether you have a dedicated clientele looking for extras like beef jerky when they visit your store or you specialize in snack foods, you want your customers to receive the best possible product. You get that when you join our team, and it reflects well on your business.

    Our Wholesale Beef Jerky

    You have many options for where you can purchase your wholesale beef jerky. We'd like to tell you why you should consider us. We've already highlighted the many benefits of joining our team. Now, let's take a look at our excellent product. As a distributor, your aim should be to provide only the best to your customers. When you choose Pony Express for your jerky and meat snacks, you'll meet that goal every time.

    Our process differs from that of our competitors. The commitment we've made to producing the best jerky on the market demands this sort of attention to detail. To start with, we make our jerky from whole-muscle meats as opposed to the formed and chopped jerky you'll find from other companies. What does this mean? We use only full cuts of meat that we dry out and let form naturally into jerky.

    We don't hack up the meat and force it into unnatural shapes for attractive packaging. What you see in our bags is exactly what our whole-muscle meats look like. We believe what matters is not how the jerky looks but how it tastes, and no one can beat us on that score.

    Your customers want jerky that's short on ingredients and long on taste. We started making jerky focused on natural flavors and minimal additives because we know it tastes better. It also fits into the trend of clean eating that so many of your shoppers embrace these days. If you want wholesale beef jerky you can buy to stock your store for months to come, we offer the best combination of taste, simple ingredients and quality.

    What's so special about our wholesale beef jerky? We make a variety of bold, spicy and dynamic flavors you won't find anywhere else. For true jerky connoisseurs, Pony Express is the only choice for outstanding beef jerky. We sell a variety of types. You can satisfy everyone from those who like their meat snacks sweet to those who want the spice so hot it burns a hole in their mouth. Our flavor options include:

    • Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky
    • Original Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky
    • Smokin Lava Beef Jerky
    • Sweet Heat Beef Jerky

    Wholesale Bulk Beef Jerky

    Do you make bulk foods available to your customers? We provide bulk beef jerky for our distributors to purchase wholesale and sell. Your shoppers will appreciate the ability to stock up on their meat snacks when you add Pony Express jerky to your bulk bins.

    The popularity of bulk foods has risen in recent years. Customers like to be in control of their shopping experience. When you give them bulk food options, they can choose exactly what and how much they want, which is an attractive option to many buyers. Plus, many people love the convenience of stocking up on their favorite foods. Our jerky makes an optimal stock-up item because it stays fresh for a long time after purchase. Just a few of the other advantages of selling bulk include the following:

    • You receive high margins on your investment.
    • Bulk bins are easy to administer and oversee.
    • Customers can try new foods without making a big commitment.

    This last point is one terrific reason to add Pony Express meat snacks — it's really a no-lose proposition. Your customers can sample our products without fear of wasting money, and they'll undoubtedly come back for more after seeing our fine quality.

    Perhaps the best argument for becoming a bulk seller is that customers want this feature. Many bulk foods feature health benefits. Seeds, nuts and dried fruits are among the most popular for sale. You can add a new dimension to that lineup with our jerky. It offers similar health advantages, such as high protein content and low carbohydrates. Your bulk food lineup will shine even brighter when you add our meat snacks.

    Become a Beef Jerky Distributor

    You can start riding with the Pony Express team today by joining our network of wholesale beef jerky distributors. We've covered the many benefits to you and your customer when you sign up to work with us. Here's one final added advantage: You'll enjoy your affiliation with our company.

    We stand for all the things your customers appreciate, including innovation, tradition, strong values and great food. We respect our distributors and give you the space you require while also following up quickly on any issues that may arise. We take a great deal of pride in everything that we do because we want you to be able to buy with confidence.

    Fill out the distributor form below to get started on your collaboration with Pony Express. We look forward to working with you, finding out how we can assist you and seeing your business flourish with the addition of our wholesale beef jerky.

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