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Why Pony Express?

In The Wild West of the past, The Pony Express was the most dependable way to communicate. Only the best riders were selected for the honor of delivering the mail – those who exhibited strength and reliability. Their saddlebags carried more than mail. They also carried necessities for the long journey … and beef jerky was one of the staples included in the survival kit.

Pony Express Foods carries on the tradition of the Wild West and the Pony Express Rider. We are committed to delivering a premium products and outstanding customer service and we hope that you will honor us by selecting our Beef Jerky and Meat Snacks. Only the finest ingredients go into our Meat Snacks.


There’s a history of reliability and strength behind our company. Founded in 1927 as a meat company servicing Lancaster County, deliveries were originally made by truck to local homes and businesses. Throughout the years, times changed and the company, then known as New Holland Meats, kept delivering to local clients – although they did replace the 300 lb ice blocks with refrigerated trucks!

In 1981, Ted Cundiff, Sr. joined the company, providing experience and in-depth knowledge of the meat snack industry. In 1983, Ted struck out on his own, creating a company devoted to meat snacks. Wild Bill’s Foods, Inc. was born and Ted served as President for 24 years.

In 2007, the opportunity arose for Ted to reconnect with New Holland Meats. Having conquered the hearts (and taste buds) of consumers with his Wild Bill’s products, and loving a challenge, Ted decided to produce a premium line of meat snacks. He created Pony Express Foods and formed a team committed to the high standards of excellence Ted has always demanded.

These days, Ted is running Pony Express Foods in the only manner he knows; combining Service, Quality and Value to deliver a winning product for Customers, Employees, and Company. Trust Pony Express Foods to fill your saddlebags with superior meat snacks – and watch as your customers grab them for their next journey – whether cross-country or across the street!